The Best Spring Menswear trends 2020

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Technical fabrics, commando-sole shoes, fireman jackets, work wear everything menswear designers have, for a number of years, been as preoccupied with function as they have with form.

Menswear is in an interesting place at the moment. The way men dress is slowly getting more colorful, more adventurous and less constrained by old rules and dress codes. As white-collar workers where hoodies to the office and street wear designers re imagine tailoring, change is everywhere.

Spring is the perfect time for reinvention and breathing new life into your style, so these are the 10 biggest spring trends that the Fashion Beans team is backing, along with our personal tips on how to wear the hell out of them.

The Return & Reinvention Of Tailoring

Just when you thought it was out, it comes right back in. Tailoring fell out of favor pretty hard when sportswear took over your wardrobe – wear a suit and you’d look corporate, try hard or dated. Maybe all three. But, as with the endless cycle of clothing that comes back into the spotlight, there is room once more for the humble two-piece.

Although it’s different this time around. Designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Alexander McQueen have turned to tailoring for their recent collections, but it’s not the suit as you know it. Cuts are oversized rather than form-fitted, colors are daring pastels and creams rather than navy and grey, and there’s barely a tie in sight.

Dior went so far as to create a new style, a sort of wraparound one-button single-breasted that hugs the torso like a long lost friend who’s making up for lost time. McQueen has turned to print and embroidered floral patterns on its brightly colored suits – you may have seen Timotheus Chalet wearing one on the red carpet. The Suit is back, but not as we know it.

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